One of the most beautiful towns in the area of Argolis as well as one of the most romantic cities all over Greece.

Live unique experiences in Argos

Winning destinations

Discover the local products and get to know the area, the people’s special habits, tradition and culture. During the wine-discovering trips we recommend, wine lovers and travelers of tradition become familiar with our wine production and culture which started a lot of centuries ago. Enjoy the worldwide known Agiorgitiko and Moschofilero, as well as Roditi, Kydonitsa, Rokaniari and lots of other varieties that can initiate you to the local eating habits and cuisine.

Religious tourism

Religious tourism is an alternative form of tourism which stems from the believers’ need to become familiar with the magnificence of their faith and feel closer to their religion. During your religious tour in the area, you will explore impressive churches, monasteries and beautiful deserted chapels. Argos is dominated by majestic churches with elaborate frescoes and icons. Don’t forget to visit the churches of Moni Avgou, Agios Theodoros Karakalas Monastery, Agios Theodosios Panariti Monastery, Loukas Monastery, Agia Theodora of Arkadia, Monastery of Panagia Malevis.

Private tour at Mycenae & Epidaurus

If you love history and culture, Argolis is a “must” place to visit. It is considered one of the most famous destinations in Greece and an ideal place for travelers who like visiting priceless archaeological sites. The famous Mycenae and the Ancient theatre of Epidaurus are waiting for us to recount their rich history and to step us back in time on a history tour.

Horse riding

Whether as a sport, a hobby or simply an experience, horse riding is something thrilling giving you shivers of excitement. Every aspiring rider can put to the test their riding abilities and go through the first basic steps of coming in contact with a horse and the process of riding in a safe, enclosed area. A unique escape you certainly deserve to give yourself!

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With centuries of history behind it, it is one of the oldest cities in Greece.